Університетська Біблійна Співдружність

Новости и темы молитв нашей церкви (30.05.2010)

We are now studying Luke’s gospel with the following prayer topics:

1. Raise 12 apostles
2. Raise 24 pioneers
3. Raise 120 excellent Bible teachers

We are also preparing for the following upcoming events:

1. United work of God in June and July:

1. Tres Dias
2. Ukraine Youth United Meeting
3. Workers meeting for praising God
4. Workers meeting for children evangelism

2. The Kiev Summer Bible Conference will be held from Aug. 19-22.

3. In early July, M. John and Maria Peace will attend the Midwest Regional Summer Bible Conference in the USA.

4. In the middle of June, M. Peter Kim will attend the Central Asia Bible Conference.

5. In July, Joseph Kim Jr. and Sarah Peace will be sent to Istanbul, Turkey

6. In July, James Point will attend the Bulgaria UBF Bible Conference as a messenger

7. In Sept., we will send M. John and Maria Peace’s family to pioneer colleges in the Padol area (Kiev Padol UBF). We are all preparing for this with great joy and already obtained a temporal center for inviting students. Two women missionaries from the Philippines will come and join this ministry as schoolteachers.