Університетська Біблійна Співдружність

Семинар проповедников 2015г.

Messangers Workshops/Seminars in Moscow & Kiev

Bible messenger workshops and seminars for leaders were held in Moscow from March 18-20, 2016, and in Kiev from March 21-24, 2016. Led by HQ Education Committee members—P. Ron Ward and Dr. Mark Yang—these events were held in cooperation with UBF General Director P. Abraham Kim, and at the invitation of the participants. It was the second time for such a workshop to be held in Moscow and the first time in Kiev.

Messenger workshop topics presented in Moscow were: “View and Attitude toward the Bible,” and “Doing Factual Study and Making an Introduction” (based on Titus). Six Russian shepherds participated: Alexei Belykh, Konstantin Kalinkin, Pavel Zakharov, Ivan Fominykh, Artyom Datsenko and Daniel Zhivaev (from MGIMO center). Sh. Alexei’s humble and prayerful leadership among messengers was greatly appreciated. Seminar topics included “Gospel-Centered Life,” and “Gospel-Centered Community.” Not only the Russian messengers, but many missionaries and other Russian leaders participated in the seminars, as well as in a group Bible study on the book of Titus led by Mark Yang. During the workshop and seminar there were significant times of sharing questions and answers and deep discussion of the topics. On Sunday (and also on Monday in Kiev) Ron Ward shared the message, “Young Man Get Up!” from Luke 7:11-17. Many house church leaders served delicious meals in turn and there was plenty of joyful fellowship and lots of laughter. We are especially grateful to M. Abraham and Sarah Song for their warm hospitality in opening their home to us.

Messenger workshop topics presented in Kiev were: “View and Attitude toward the Bible,” “Inductive Bible Study,” and “How to Make Bible Study Questions.” Dr. Peter Kim worked with wisdom and grace to bring together leaders from all over Ukraine for this event. Attendants came from Kiev: Abraham Mazan, Jonathan Salyuk, Jacob Patriyuk, Samuel Salyuk, Slava Samurai, Noah Zaikin, Jaroslav Belichenko, Oleksandr Tiutenko; from Podil: John and Maria Peace, Anton and Yana, Natasha, Yulia, Yana; from Odessa: Matthew Gerus, Moses Zadorozhnyi, Augustine Zhdanov, Alexsey Chuprun; and also from Dnepropetrovsk: Abraham Vasilenko. Leaders from Odessa traveled seven hours one way and needed to take three days of vacation to attend this workshop. All participants were well prepared and the work of the Holy Spirit was evident. We are very grateful to Dr. Peter and Sarah Kim, who welcomed us into their quiet and peaceful home and served us with many delicious meals, as well as joyful fellowship. Rather than becoming tired, we were deeply refreshed. We thank God for the fervent prayer support of Chicago UBF members. May God raise many outstanding Bible messengers and Bible teachers in Moscow, Ukraine, and throughout the whole world.

( Source – ubf.org )