Університетська Біблійна Співдружність

Письмо Иосифа из Кипра (08.12.2011)

Dear Dad and Mom,

Thank you so much for your prayers. God is really doing amazing work here.

Now we have total of 17 members at the club and several new people began coming. Some people had to stand during the meeting, since there were not enough chairs. We studied Romans Chapter 3:9-21. I led one, Its amazing how, no matter how busy we were, some of us having classes and exams on weekends, I could not even sleep before that, God gave us strong desire to come and hear his word. Although I was ill prepared, but God seemed to work, since we all asked him for guidance. Also, this whole time, I was planning to reach out to Turkish friends, but I was not sure how exactly, because of the environment. But God gave me ability to witness to them during this week. It was amazing. Everyday, since there are no possible ways of serving God like in the church, I formed a habit of visiting friends one by one for discussion and make sure to buy a chocolate or dinner for them. And it seemed to work. We start of with a conversation and before talking and during and after, I pray to God so that he can move their hearts. And God did so, amazingly. Some of my friends who are Muslims and Atheists, have asked me to talk about the faith. Some of them told me that they can not wait till summer to read the whole Bible. I was shocked. Also one Turkish friend, who is the world champion in Mathematics and former student at MIT, is dragging me to church to the Greek Side, that sometimes I feel like hiding from him. Although he was so hostile to faith in a funny way, due to the love that the U.S Diplomat showed him he changed a lot, and says he feels close to Jesus. So Thank you for your prayers and keep praying for us.