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Отчет Уганда UBF

Mission Report Missionary Esther Chung

2 Timothy 2:15

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

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This verse is 2013 Makerere UBF’s key verse aimed to raise many effective Bible teachers among native leaders. Many a times native members think that Bible teaching is Missionaries job, and they have no obligation to teach bible. This year Dr. Lim and us intended to raise native Bible teachers among Uganda students. This key verse is also early UBF key word we recited occasionally in the meeting. Apostle Paul charged this words to his beloved spiritual son Timothy. Paul prayed for him to be effective and prayerful Bible teacher even though he was young servant. Since we take this key verse for Makwrere UBF, our one to one Bible study numbers are increased and our young servants like Tom and Coleens, Steven and Deogracious began Bible study with their sheep.

On july 2012, construction of Bethesda Hospital began through Dr. John Jun and many servants prayer and concern. It has been stopped for three years and dark frame work was covered with dust and began to be rusted . Through the construction works our hearts were filled with new hope and vision for Uganda and Africa for the healing mission.

Now our UBF doctors could come to Bethesda, in short term or long term to practice medicine there even though they would not be paid. And our second Generation missionaries go to Uganda and receive spiritual training and do internship. During construction, we continue to engage in bible studies in the midst of dust and noises. In July 2012, a new missionary family came to Uganda and join us in Makerere UBF. They are Missionaries Dr. Livingston Kang and Grace Kang with three children from Kwangju UBF in Korea. Dr. Livingston Kang works in the Bethesda clinic. And he teaches Bible to students with great zeal. And Missionary Grace Kang has same zeal, both of them are gospel centered and mission centered missionaries. We thank God for them and were greatly encouraged by them.

Shep. Patrick Ogwang is exemplary shepherd and a Bible teacher among our native leaders. I now come to know why his picture is always in UBF calendar. His coworker Dr. Lillian is pediatrician and shepherdess. He and his fellowship (Ebenezer fellowship) pioneer another college in Nkumba. 5 or 6 students come to join worship Service. Shep. Steven and Dr.Margrarett house church serves Jaire Fellowship. Shep. Steven studies with young apostle’s group faithfully . Dr. Margarette raised several sisters, like Sh.Rachel, Nakato, and Fiona through her faithful Bible teaching. Dr. Rebekah Lim was trained in Mulago hospital to be an eye sergent. She wants to serve medical mission with her surgery on cataract. She is also diligent bible teacher who raise sh. Patience, Jeniffer, Eudine, and Jane. She also studies Bible with her daughter Faith Lim with internet.

Construction was completed in Februrary 2013, we held the dedication service in front of BMH. God sent many guests from USA, Germany, Korea, Kenya, and S. Africa. Dr. John Jun gave us a meaningful dedication message from the Book of Haggai to all of us. In his message he said BMH became a resting and healing place of our inter Africa Missionaries. And BMH can be used as training place of our second generations. Every year Kwangju UBF sent Healing mission team to Uganda. This year Korea combined team 30 members came to Uganda by the time we dedicated new building. Uganda Missionaries have never complained about welcoming and serving these members year by year. This year all of them stayed in the new hospital guest rooms. We always welcome them and share our places with them and cooked for them. They also refreshed us with the necessary Korean food. More than 10 years Dr. Lim welcomed many second gens from oversea in his house, never complaint about it. His house is like the station any time, any people can come in and eat with them. God who knows everything, bless him and his ministry.

I thank God for using Missionary and Dr. Joseph so effectively in Uganda mission. His absolute and positive attitude toward God’s ministry has been a great influence to other coworkers in Uganda and to our native shepherd and sheep. He never missed early morning daily bread meeting last 3 and half years only two times missed when he was really sick. He also served Makerere students with the Words of God more than anybody in our fellowship. He became a father like shepherd for poor and troubled students. Some of them are growing as apostles. Tom, Ivan (both medical students) and Fred. Godwin, Deogracious, Simon, Henry, John, Richard, Peter, and Innocent. Among them Tom is bringing many medical students to Bible study. We are praying for him that he will be full time shepherd after his graduation.

I thank God for my ministry on sisters. 3 years ago, when we joined Makerere UBF, I saw only one or two sisters in the ministry. It was very few compared with brothers. I had the sense of problem in my heart and began to pray for sisters. God answered my prayers and began to send sisters to me. I served them faithfully with words of Genesis. Joyce, Eunice, Juliet, Miriam , and Gloria finished 50 chapters of Genesis . When they completed Genesis I made the certificate of completion to them as awards. In my experience, it is hard to finish Genesis. Hardly any sheep remained until finished Genesis, it is only through God’s help, they had finished Genesis. I thank God for the power of words which can change sisters. After Genesis we studied Exodus, John, now we are in Acts. They remain faithful in Bible studies and grew as apostles. God sent me also new sheep Patricia, Allen, Madrin, and Gollette. As I looked back I think I gave myself fully to the works of God . I gave them words of God, and motherly love and care and sometimes helping them financially. At the end, I had fallen into the sence of loss. I felt that I become empty and nothing left in me. So I complaint to God. “ Lord, I am weak and difficult to continue in God’s mission for I am getting old, now nothing left in me.” Then God’s words came to me. “Esther, think about God who did not spare his one and only son and gave him to you so that you have life.” I repented and gave thanks to God that God has used me as the mother and bible teacher for Uganda students. God has purified them with His words and gave them new hope and direction of life. Most of them came from polygamy family situation. And because of poverty some of them sell their sex to older and rich man. In this campus atmosphere, God had protected our UBF brothers and sisters and God has grown them in God’s truth. They are indeed the hope of Uganda and Africa. May the Lord fill me with his love and compassion and his holy Spirit. Amen. I thank you for your support and prayers. When I needed vitamins, whole box of vitamins came to me from you. When I needed chili powder, then whole box of chili powder came. Nothing was lack, everything was sufficient for me. I was amazed by God’s provision in Africa.

One Word; a workman approved by God.

My prayer topics

  1. To be renewed and recharged with God’s love through International Bible Conference.
  2. May God grant a necessary health to Missionary Joseph Chung and myself.
  3. May God raise two house churches and 12 disciples of Jesus in Makerere Chapter.
  4. May God change Uganda a kingdom of priests and Holy nation.