Університетська Біблійна Співдружність



NJ Rutgers/Princeton Fall Bible Academy’06

M.Anastasia Perry

Joh 1:41

The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, "We have found the Messiah" (that is, the Christ)

Heavenly Father! Thank you for blessing our Fall Bible Academy, especially for your word and your work of the Holy Spirit in students. Thank you for answering our prayers and helping our Bible students to bring their five loaves and two fish and participate practically. May you bless Steven, Rana, Chris, Lei, Jessica, Dan and Dr Huang to grow as disciples of Jesus in Princeton and Steve, Maya, Heather in Rutgers. Help me to give thanks to God remembering all that you have done and have a clear word of God and prayer topic to serve Princeton discipleship ministry. I pray in Jesus name. Amen,

I praise and thank God for his hope and vision I could see through this Bible Academy. I was personally a little bit sad and ashamed for not bringing even one sheep, but I thank God for helping me to pray and go fishing more faithfully to meet new possible Bible students.

Also I thank God that through preparing Multimedia on the UBF history I could learn our ancestors faith and sprit and renew my own calling and vision. Also God gave me wisdom to invite Amanda Joyce as narrator. In this way even though she could not attend the Bible Academy, she could participate with her 5 loaves and 2 fish. Most of all she was moved by Mother Barry’s life and UBF history. She opened her heart and agreed to study the Bible. May God help her to be a mother of prayer and her house church to be our coworkers for Princeton mission. Her husband Dan, who is a staff at Princeton, came to preside and made a joyful and open atmosphere. He also brought his sheep from his church and he was very thankful for sh Jason’s message that touched Brad’s heart.

God blessed the first two nights at Rutgers. Especially I was moved by the word of God through reviewing the first 12 chapters of Genesis. I could see that God’s history continues through faithful man, who walk with God. Even though we seem minority in this world, but God uses us in our generation to carry out his blessing and knowledge. Yjaml God for Sh David and Sh Steve rodan as powerful messages. Especially Sh Steve delivered his message on the evening before his GRE. He really learned practical faith to seek God’s kingdom first. May God use him as a man of faith and raise him as a shepherd for Rutgers students and North Korea as he prays one day. Shs Maya shared her gracious testimony. I was refreshed to see the salvation work of God in one soul. She had a broken family and lived an immoral life because of thirst for man’s love/ But Jesus found her through our missionaries. She confessed Jesus as her true husband and God as her true Father. Now she is full of grace and she faithfully drives 3 hours every week to keep Friday meeting and SWS. Aslo thank God for beinging Heather as a great sing spiration leader and women report leader, for s Kathie, S.Jacky, B Doje, Anber, Nathan who came. May God raise 7000 Bible teachers and missionaries from Rutgers.

In Princeton we had a great struggle to serve this Bible Academy. It is hard to invite students even to give 2 hours, but God challenged us to invite them on Sunday to New Brunswick. It seemed impossible, but when we decided to overcome our humanism and unbelief, God reveled his glory. Br Steve Farais shared a powerful message on Jn 1 “We have found the Messiah.“ He is senior in Princeotn and have been studying the Bible with M Moses for the past 3 years faithfully. However he never made any decision and remained as a cultural catholic Christian. This time the word of God challenge him to seek Jesus as the true Messiah who is worthy of all our worship and love and also testify to Jesus as his witness. Br Rana prepared a special report on Erick Liddle. He got the point and learned that God is faithful to those who honor his word and keep the Sabbath Day Holy. He made a decision to Keep Sunday WS. Br Chris testified that Bble study brought him to know God more personally/ He confessed that as a n average Princeotn student he was never interested seriously in God and it is hard to be a disciple of Jesus. Yet he was thankful for the chance to study the Bible and come to know Jesus.

Br Lei Chen shared a very heartmoving story about Hudson Taylor. Hudson Taylor had faith in the Living God so he could become a very fruitful missionary in China. I realized as a missionary I also have to have such absolute faith and not depend on human situation and atmosphere. Although the atmosphere in America is getting worse and as Br Steve said Princeton students and all young intellectuals are taught not to take any view seriously but be open for all religions and debates. So it is very hard to teach the word of God when people don’t take the word of God as an authority. Yet like Hudson Taylor I can have a successful ministry when I believ the Living God and love God’s sheep. Br Lei has been faithfully studying the Bible for the past year. Yet as a literature major PhD student he always did not get the point to believe in Jesus but just like d to talk about knowledge. His heart had opened more since he got to live a common life with us for a month, when he had no apartment, even though we did not have an extra room either. We pray that God may open his spiritual eyes to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah and God. Thank God s Jessica came as the only girl student from Princeotn. She is a 2nd gen of Dr Pottenger. Yet as many 2nd gen she has lots of knowledge but not apersonal faith. This tiem she confessed that Bibelk study with M Miriam made her think more deeply on Genesis and learn from the word of GOD. She is a typical Princeton girl student, full of ambition, energy and self – confidence. If she is changed we have hope to raise up 12 mother of prayer.

I personally thank God for Sh Jason’s message. The word of God was so sweet to my. Jn 1;,2 “IN the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” John proclaims from the beginning that The Word of God, Jesus is God and he was from the beginning. Jesus us the Creator God who became flesh so that we all may come back to our Father and become children of God. IN our tiem many people talk about many gods and many ways to God. But through Jesus we can come to know God personally and have his light and life in us. All our Bible study should lead us to Jesus, because this is the only way to know God. We have to study the written word so that we may know the Living Word. In Jn 5:39 Jesus said: “You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me” Last month I was distressed when our sheep Michele and Nathan with whom Sh Jason and I studied the Bible for more than 6 month decided to stop. Their main argument was that we are too fundamentalist, believe the word of God literally. They wanted to have more open discussion and liked their church pastor who approves gay marriages. At first I wanted to argue with them. However I really realized the terrible reality when people reject Jesus. My heart became more broken for American students who have all the blessing to know the word of God but refuse to come to Jesus. I was doubting how I can serve this relativistic generation. Apostle John encourages me through his gospel not to cease to preach that JESUS is GOD. He is the Word of God. I must study the Bible continually for myself until my faith grows into living faith in Living God and grow in his image. I must teach the Bible as the Living Word believing its power to save. If I believe that Jesus is the Living God I will not doubt and feel fatalistic because of my family and many sicknesses but believe his good plan and promise of salvation for them.

I thank God for using sh Jason to teach the Bible even to Princeton exchange professor in Philosophy from China, Dr Huang. He attended the first day of BA and was very thankful. I saw the great hope that God would raise up many influential spiritual leaders through Princeton again in our generation. May God bless Princeton to raise up 1000 professor shepherds and send missionaries to the whole world. I pray for all our sheep who participated not to forget the grace of God but put the word of God into practice. My God make America into a Kingdom of Priests and a holy Nation.

O.W. Jesus is God