Університетська Біблійна Співдружність

темы молитвы

by Dr. Peter Kim

“The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel’—which means, ‘God with us” – Matthew 1:23

Merry Christmas! I wish all coworkers a Merry Christmas and an upcoming happy New Year. I wish the grace of Immanuel God to be with you. Thanks for all your prayers, love and concern which you showed in 2006 year. We are great debtors to you for your great love and support. I pray that God may continue his salvation work and his discipleship work through our 5 loves and 2 fish faith in 2007 year.

I want to share our latest prayer topics with you briefly:

1. Kiev UBF Christmas worship service will be on the 24th of December. The Christmas message will be “Immanuel God Is With Us” based on Matthew 1:18-25. We would like to remember the great love through the incarnation of God, who became flesh to be with us. Also, we want to thank Jesus for being with us this year. When I remember all the things of this year, I find that I was not faithful and sincere, and remained weak and faced shortcomings. But Immanuel Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever was always with me and he poured His mercy on me. So, I just confess that I am what I am, and everything is God’s one-sided grace. I thank Immanuel God wholeheartedly. I pray that Immanuel Jesus may receive glory and praise through our Christmas worship celebration.

2. We are now studying Hebrews every week. We are praying to know the deep meaning of the forgiving sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ through Hebrews Bible study. We pray that spiritual revival may come in this land through our one to one Bible study. We are praying continually for a disciple making ministry and to raise up 120 good Christian soldiers & excellent Bible teachers.

3. Kiev UBF center construction is going very well by God’s one-sided grace. Now, the center building is about 60% finished, but work has stopped because of the cold winter season. We want to continue in the spring of next year and finish by the end of July. If God’s grace is granted, we want to have a center dedication ceremony in August and then open the Summer Bible Conference in Kiev. All Kiev UBF coworkers are so thankful for world mission coworkers’ prayer support. We are great debtors for your prayers and love.

4. Missionary John Peace’s family will visit Philippine UBF from December 26 for about 10 days. M. John Peace’s first daughter, Maria Joy is praying to enter B. University of Istanbul, Turkey for study and to cowork with M. V.P’s family. Her faith and decision is great. God blessed her faith and granted her the blessing to visit the Philippines, her mother country. M. Maria Peace wants to study Exodus with te Philippine UBF coworkers. Thank you very much for the sincere prayer support from Chicago UBF for this family. May God bless them to bring joy and blessings to the Philippine coworkers, especially for Dr. William Altobar’s family.

5. We are going to hold the New Year Leaders’ Conference the 12th and 13th of January, 2007 in the suburb of Kiev. We want to study Mark 1-3 (the purpose of Jesus’ disciple training), Mark 4-8 (the method of Jesus’ disciple training) and to have clear direction and focus for a disciple making ministry in the 2007.

Thank you very much again for your prayers. May God strengthen all precious world mission coworkers and give new spirit and vision in the upcoming New Year.