Університетська Біблійна Співдружність

Изменение одного человека может изменить народ


Key verse 1 Peter 2:4,5:

As you come to him, the living Stone – rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him – you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ

I. Jesus saved me from cursed superficial life in sins.

My name is Living Stone, because I want to imitate Jesus’ life. He is the true Living Stone, unchanging and faithful. He is a dependable support to me and he is my Savior and my life.

I was born in 1982 in a small city of Ukraine. I have one older brother and my parents were teachers. I grew in my parent’s love, studied well in school and had many friends. But everything changed in time. Satan became to rule us and destroy our family. Because of financial difficult my parents used bad language and even my father struck my mother. I defended my mom and hated my father. From a beloved daughter I become a most evil enemy of my father. I cursed him and struck him. I wanted him to die and once I came close to killing him with a vase. It was terrible. I was striking my brother also to the point of shedding blood. And my mom, whom I loved more than myself, also cried a lot because of me. I didn’t want to hurt my mom, but I couldn’t change myself. I was pierced by the horn of lust from my childhood and many years I lived with a guilty conscience and was angry with the whole world.

In 1999 I entered Kiev University, chemistry department. There I dreamed to find my love, but I found only disappointments and lost my meaning of life. I thank God for leading me to Bible study. Through John 8:11 I met Jesus, who forgave my sins of lust and hate toward my father. I was worthy of death and to be condemned by God, but he forgave me, taking my sins upon himself. Jesus’ wonderful mercy changed my evil heart. He helped me forgive and love my father. I believed that by Jesus’ death on the cross, the curse in my life and my family was stopped and a new age of God’s blessing began.

I had a habit to live superficially, and took the best for myself. I was stubborn and didn’t obey the advice of older people. From my childhood I dreamed to meet a rich husband and establish a happy family. My dreams were too far from reality, but I prayed that it could happen. Through the Bible study of Genesis chapter 12, I could see that a superficial life is an unhappy life. Instead God wanted me to live the happiest and greatest life for his glory. He promised that he will make me a blessing and make me into a great nation. I coudn’t believe it! I was a curse in my family but God said he will make me a blessing!!

II. Live like a living stone.

Ukrainian women have a reputation as corrupt women in the world because many become prostitutes in foreign countries. They are a curse for the world. Because of it I have pain and shame for my nation. But God wants to change Ukrainian women into holy mothers of prayer. We can’t change ourselves on our own, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ can. When the Gospel started working in Ukraine many native girls found new directions for their lives to live a pure and holy life. The most beautiful and smartest female students are now serving God wholeheartedly in Kiev UBF. There are shs. Larisa, Katia, Olena, Cando, Lena, Natasha and many others. Some of then has already became the sources of blessing for the whole world as pioneers of the gospel work, like Anastasia, Joan of Ark, Sarah Sacrificial and Rebecca.

I am a typical Ukrainian woman and I represent all Ukrainian women. If God can change me he can change all Ukrainian women. For this hope I decided to receive his divine training to go to Turkey and reveal his glory for the sake of Ukrainian women. Because of poverty and my sinful nature I had habit of borrowing money and demanding help from people. I didn’t like to work but wanted to receive everything free. But through the word of God, Jesus changed me from a lazy and crafty sister into a hardworking and faithful sister. I want to imitate Jesus’ faithfulness and his life-giving spirit and be a good shepherd for many students. I pray to keep up with five one to one Bible studies and through it to bear many fruits for God. I pray for Ukraine that God may change it into shepherd nation and that Ukrainian women may become mothers of prayer and blessings for all nations. I thank God for sending me to Turkey. I pray to God to prepare me in Turkey as a vessel for participation in his redemptive history.

One Word: You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house